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Routine Success is a smartwatch application created by Matt Gunter that can bring “routines” to assist children in staying focused and organized, particularly at school.

At the request of Maryland's congressional delegation, Gov. Larry Hogan has agreed to use recently approved funding to instate new positions, training and processes for election security.

A law enacted in recent days moves Nebraska one step closer to an overhaul of its 911 system that officials expect will greatly improve the identification of a caller's location and allow for texting to 911 centers.

The state's IT commissioner warns that more comprehensive protections are needed as attackers grow "more sophisticated, more skilled, more organized, and more professional."

A coalition of rural and farm groups are seeking to improve rural connectivity to broadband. The first in a series of workshops was held Wednesday at the Department of Agriculture.

Currently, over 24 million people don’t have access to broadband—they just happen to be spread across the United States. For people living in rural America, the problem is even more pronounced. As the think tank, Third Way, recently wrote, “The digital divide has become a national emergency."

The Guide to Getting & Using Your Health Records is for patients, parents, and caregivers who want to get their health records. A health record (also known as a medical record) is a written account of a person’s health history, including appointment notes, prescriptions, treatments, tests, and vaccines. It’s also for people who need the record of someone they represent or care for, like a child, elderly parent, or an adult with a disability.

With a number of sports related virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) stories, this week has three stories that are sure to peak your interest. With new ways to use AR to enjoy live broadcasts, pass the time during a half time break and a VR attraction to mark ‘100 Seasons’, there is a lot to take in.

The various ways in which 5G mobile networks will support advanced IoT deployments, the key features in 5G that will benefit the IoT and the impact of 5G across major IoT industry verticals.

Scientists have developed an augmented reality app that can help patients of Parkinson’s disease overcome a symptom known as “freezing,” in which the legs temporarily refuse to follow the brain’s command to lift and move forward.


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