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Branstad created the 2013 State Advisory Broadband Committee. He also launched the “Connect Every Iowan” initiative with Connect Iowa in an effort to make Iowa the “Most Connected State in the Midwest.” Under Branstad, Iowa also passed one of the first state broadband bills in 2015.  Iowa has been recognized as a leader in organizing a statewide, interoperable first-responders network.

Two years ago, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek pulled off a demonstration that shook the auto industry, remotely hacking a Jeep Cherokee via its internet connection to paralyze it on a highway. Since then, the two security researchers have been quietly working for Uber, helping the startup secure its experimental self-driving cars against exactly the sort of attack they proved was possible on a traditional one. Now, Miller has moved on, and he’s ready to broadcast a message to the automotive industry: Securing autonomous cars from hackers is a very difficult problem.

$9.3 trillion. This is the annual global spending on healthcare in 2014-2018, according to Deloitte. A hefty part of overall spending is aimed at solving some of the most burning issues in the field: supply to suburban and rural areas, healthcare data management, doctor-to-patient communication, workflow optimization, patient adherence and treatment control, chronic disease monitoring, and routine process automation.

A portion of the meeting focused on 5G and the Internet of Things with presentations from Verizon and AT&T on network capabilities.

At the end of March, new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai branded April “Infrastructure Month.” He paired this declaration with the announcement of a comprehensive agenda aimed at tackling a host of infrastructure-related challenges seen as critical to the deployment of high-speed broadband Internet access and bridging the digital divide.

Using virtual reality to disrupt a person’s sense of balance, researchers may have stumbled upon a new method to identify imperceptible fall risks among elderly patients and perhaps improve balance.

Maplesoft today released Möbius, a hands-on learning tool focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. The online courseware environment provides an interactive platform for students to explore STEM concepts, visualize problems and solutions, and receive real-time assessment feedback.

Viewing hours of live OTT video is expected to overtake traditional broadcast TV, according to hundreds of industry pros who participated in a survey/study by Level 3 Communications, Streaming Media and Unisphere Research.

The social networking giant's Wi-Fi drone, called Aquila, isn't just flying. It's also improving its wireless data speeds.

Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have come up with an intriguing idea to create transistors made of 2D nanomaterials. While that may not sound exciting, these transistors could be used to provide an internet connection to any object in our daily lives, ranging from newspapers to mirrors and everything in between.


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