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A ransomware attack that swept across the globe last weekend has put the spotlight back on cybersecurity. While they may not the biggest or even the main targets, Iowa companies need to make sure their systems are secure, or otherwise risk the loss of data, time and money, Iowa cybersecurity experts said.

The urgent state of our nation’s infrastructure cannot be overstated. Iowa’s farmers, manufacturers, businesses and local economies all rely on quality infrastructure to get their goods to the world. Additionally, in our 21st Century society, high speed internet access is no longer a luxury amenity, but rather an essential service for homes and businesses in this interconnected world. Unfortunately, many rural communities lack sufficient broadband infrastructure to take advantage of this explosion of technology and economic possibility. 

The AHA and the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to make changes to the Rural Health Care (RHC) plan to improve broadband services in rural regions. This will make mHealth and telehealth access more readily available for rural patients, the two groups contended.

Cybercriminals are attempting to exploit the notoriety of WannaCry for their own ends, with scams designed to prey on fears surrounding the high-profile global ransomware campaign.  But while the worst of the WannaCry epidemic appears to be over, that isn't stopping scammers from launching fraudulent tech-support scams looking to exploit fears about the ransomware -- and they've already claimed victims.

A new internet company coming to Waukee promises to bring ultra-fast internet service to residents and businesses.

Medication adherence is an important aspect of any patient's care. But the stakes are just a little bit higher when that patient has just undergone an organ transplant. For a transplant patient, missing an antirejection dose isn’t like forgetting your daily cholesterol pill. That’s one reason that two pharmacists at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital decided to start seeing patients virtually—an approach that allows them to maintain continuity of care after discharge from the hospital while expanding the hospital's service to patients that would otherwise end up in the emergency department.

IT professionals looking to cut costs and level the playing field may need to look beyond onsite servers.

At the 2017 Dell EMC World conference, RSA senior director of advanced cyber defense, Peter Tran, walked through examples of real-world IT questions and how they could be answered.

In an effort to end traffic deaths, Microsoft and Datakind team up on a study showing where and why vehicles collide.

Superfast Gigabit broadband is coming. However, getting it at the highest speed involves some planning, including possibly regressing to wired networks.


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