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Broadband Matters: Government Services

The access Iowans have to government related services is being transformed by the accessibility to high speed broadband.  Consider the many ways Iowans use government services:

  • Government communicates with Iowans in real time with activities such as: 
    • Electronic Filing
    • Travel & Commerce
    • Driver’s License Renewal
    • DOT’s traffic cameras
    • Weather alert system
  • A closed dedicated network permits government information to be managed and minimizes the risk of exposure to cyber-attacks.
    • With ICN’s secure broadband connections, state government gathers, processes, stores and provides authorized access to extensive amounts of information.

If you consider just one area of government, judicial services, it is easy to understand how broadband is changing how services are delivered. As of June 30, 2015, every county district court in the State of Iowa is accepting electronic filing for all matters. Ken Bosier is the Director of Information and Technology for the Iowa Judicial Branch. Bosier says with broadband, “It’s more efficient. Employees help each other because they are in different counties. Judicial officers can fill orders, motions and not necessarily have to be in the county, which makes processing faster.”

For users such as plaintiffs, defendants or attorneys in a particular case, broadband will put proceedings at their fingertips. Bypassing time and expense of physically traveling to a courthouse which often may be in a different county.  And then, there’s the issue of privacy. “Parties to a case can see their own personal information at home. You can’t look at someone else’s [personal information] unless you are actually a party. So it’s more private.” Bosier says.

Access to Iowa’s judicial system is just one of the many components of government services which will be offered online via broadband. State leaders see the value in streamlining government agencies with the ICN’s closed, dedicated, and secure network.

Printed from the website on April 21, 2018 at 4:57am.